Who are we?

We are the team of enthusiastic people who stood up to defend the Aqaid of the Salaf. Nowadays we saw many people diluting and propagating that they are on right path and providing proof from Quran and Hadiths. Here layman feels that these guys (so called Ahle Hadiths) are telling the truth! But the reality is they are just providing you once side of a coin. We found this flow and we made our mind to stand and take this responsibility to show the people “The actual Truth”.

What do we do?

  1. We will show you the whole scenario rather just not showing you one side of a coin.
  2. We will show you how things came into the picture by providing you with the authenticate source and defending the Aqaid of the Salaf.
  3. We are doing and brainstorming what we can do to portray the right thing to people.

What is our goal?

Vision to create Darul Uloom Al’ijma; Aalim and Mufti who think out of the box and is ready to find the solution. Our goal is to defend the Salaf’s Aqida, Defend the base of Ahle-sunnah Wal Jamaat and our 4 principles to accept evidence like “Quran, Sunnah, Ijma, Qayas”

How many people are involved?

It would be around 1000s of people who are supporting by money, mentally and helping us in many ways. There are around 15 core members who took initiative to serve for the deen and these 15 people are furthermore divided into small teams who take initiative to do given task.

What process do we follow to deliver content?

First, we do a lot of research when we decided to explore on a topic. We start gathering content from Quran, Sunnah, Ijma, and Qayas. Then we start putting everything on place depending on generation after generation.

What we achieved?

The greatest achievement for us would be Allah is pleased with us. We achieved a lot of things primary is Dua from people to show them what is right and wrong. Providing them evidence and proof so that they can rely on. We also achieved support, trust and hope which is very difficult to gain.

Future plans?

Our plan is to further expand to other cities and literate them by providing them full support and sharing whatever we can do from our side. We want people to stand up and start exploring so that we can liberate as many people as we can.